Ya Allah jadikanlah cintaMU padaku dan cintaku padaMU cukup menjadi hartaku

Eyes June 29, 2009

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Calon  bunda Zainab syahidahWhen you sad it showing darkness

When you happy it showing brightness

When you angry it showing redfull

When you cry it showing tiers


It can showing what ever hiding

It can’t lie what ever you tell

Honesly or lier it can showing by eyes


When you see something bad say a’udzubillah

When you see something good say alhamdulillah

Keep eyes when walking you will sefty

Keep eyes anytime your heart become clien


Everything can be showing by eyes

As a mirror in our face

So becarefull with your eyes






OB.Reseption 4 Rajab 1430H    at 2.10 am

Im so sleepy so I try to write  poem ^_^




One Response to “Eyes”

  1. agus setiyadi Says:

    selalu terseret arus melankolis sebuah hati…

    akhwatfillah :

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